Karen Mitchell named President of the Space Coast Apartment Association

2013 ApartmentRatings.com Top Rated Award
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AAGO selects Lee Rogers as the 2012 Management Volunteer of the Year!!
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JMG Wins Big at the Greater Orlando Golden Key Awards!!
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Employee wins Leasing Agent of the Year at CGAA Bravo Awards!!
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JMG wins BIG!
JMG WINS at the Bay Area Apt. Assoc. Awards
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Resident Emergency Information
- General Hurricane Information

General Hurricane Information
If a hurricane has been forecast for your area, please take precautionary measures. Be sure to monitor the radio, TV, NOAA Weather Radio and/or the National Weather Service website for official weather bulletins.

- Before the Storm
- If the Storm Hits
- Important Links

Before the storm - some helpful tips:

1. Remove all items from your patios, such as plants, furniture, grills, bikes, satellite dishes, etc.

2. Move any furniture or items away from patio doors and windows and place in the center of your apartment.

3. Check that emergency equipment (flashlights, battery operated radios, extension cords, etc.) is in proper working order.

4. Buy extra batteries. Stock up on non-perishable food items, medicines, and supplies. Don't forget extra pet food and supplies. Purchase enough bottled water to last for at least two weeks.

5. Keep extra cash on hand. If the power goes out for an extended period, Automated Teller Machines may not work.

6. Have materials such as plywood and plastic covering available. These may be useful to cover damaged areas of your apartment after the storm departs.

7. Please DO NOT tape your windows under any circumstances. Tape does not secure flying glass.

8. Review evacuation routes in case your area is ordered to evacuate. Have an alternate route in mind. Fill your vehicle's gas tank before the storm arrives.

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If the storm hits:


2. If you evacuate to another city, please take your pets with you.

3. If you go to a shelter and leave your pet in the apartment, please be sure your pet has plenty of food and water and is wearing a collar for identification purposes. Never tie your pet when you are leaving it unattended. Do not leave lamps turned on as pets can accidentally knock them over causing fire or other electrical hazards. Apartment fires have been started by lamps falling onto fabric sofas.

4. If you do not evacuate or go to a shelter, take refuge in a small interior room during the storm.

5. If you are unable to return to your apartment after the storm, be sure to notify your apartment community office staff of your current contact numbers. They may need to notify you of loss or damage to your personal items or other issues at the property. If you cannot reach anyone at your community, please contact the JMG Realty Corporate Office at 404-995-1111 and provide this information to them.

Important Links:
The American Red Cross - (800) 435-7669
Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
NOAA Weather Radio
National Weather Service