New construction at JMG Realty in Atlanta, GA

New Construction

By building a foundation of impeccable, fully integrated real estate services, JMG Realty has cultivated the talents necessary to perform as an invaluable resource through the rigors of new multi-family constructions projects.


  • City View at Hughes Square receives the Golden Brick Award from the City of Orlando for Best Residential Project of the Year
  • City View at Hughes Square receives the Golden Brick Award from the City of Orlando for Best New Apartment Development

Our team has been instrumental in the new construction lease-up of Class A and Class AA units throughout the Southeast. Our intensive and detailed market-feasibility studies and pre-development analysis provide the foundation for each project’s development. During the market-feasibility phase, we actively participate in determining the unit mix, unit amenities, community amenities, target market, rent structure and overall long-term profitability. During the pre-development phase, we work with the architects and designers, making recommendations on floor-plan layouts, interior and exterior finishes, logo design, clubhouse and model furnishings, exterior and interior color selections, landscape design, amenity placement and property signs. Our vast management and marketing experience has afforded us the ability to strategize image and product recognition down to the smallest detail to secure lasting and immeasurable value to the asset.

JMG Realty’s impressive management portfolio is a combination of ownership and third-party management. The concept that every property is unique drives our established systems of operation, which remain flexible by catering to each owner’s specific needs.

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We Vigilantly Study and React to the Competitive Marketing Advantages Throughout Every Phase of the Construction Process

During construction, management continuously updates the comparable product information for the area to determine the market trends in terms of rental rates, unit absorption and potential marketing conditions that could affect the asset’s performance. The early success of a project hinges on a well-conceived marketing campaign that generates traffic and rentals even before the first units are delivered. Pre-leasing is crucial, and we are methodical in the steps we take to effectively pre-lease units. After stabilization, we protect the asset’s competitive profile by analyzing new construction projects in the market and delivering the highest degree of professional management and marketing services.

We Understand All Aspects of Construction and Continue to Work Seamlessly With Construction Teams to Ensure Smooth and Swift Transitions

Traditionally, construction and management often have operated with an adversarial relationship, which impedes the flow of units and slows the construction of the project. We know how to prevent this scenario, improve the lines of communication and achieve results. From on-time construction scheduling to aggressive lease-up campaigns, JMG Realty helps pave the way for a strong, rapid stabilization of the asset.

Property Redevelopment

One of the first real estate management companies in the Southeast to re-position neglected product, JMG Realty is now recognized as the leader in the industry.


  • Stonemill Apartments is named Outstanding Renovation Project by the National Apartment Association.
  • Centro Place Apartments is named the Outstanding Rehab Project of the Year, by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
  • A JMG Realty managed property is named Best Rehabilitation/Reuse in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Deals.
  • The Ashford receives the Outstanding Renovation Project Award from the National Apartment Association’s Units Magazine.
  • Greenwood Apartments receives recognition as the Best Community Impact, as awarded by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Our national portfolio of successful redevelopment projects is diverse, ranging from low-income housing to luxury high-rise buildings in a variety of markets and a widely diverse range of reconstruction specifications. We are adept at recognizing the potential of a mismanaged or neglected property and then strategizing and executing the redevelopment plan. Our seasoned professionals provide comprehensive service and attention from the initial planning phase to securing construction financing to construction supervision, culminating in executing aggressive marketing.


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JMG Realty Provides a Healthy Return to our Investors that, in Most Cases, Exceeds the Return Outlined in the Initial Projections

Our proven team of marketing, financial and construction analysts assess the asset, then design a construction, marketing and financial plan that will maximize the value of the asset – delivering a solid return on the investment.

JMG Realty is Recruited, and Trusted, by Owners and Lenders to Oversee Renovations After Disaster Situations

When there are concerns that a multi-million dollar reconstruction project is not being efficiently managed, we work alongside the current managing agent, overseeing the redevelopment and ensuring that the quality, scheduling and financial aspects of the job are upheld. By ensuring that the redevelopment process is effectively directed by the most qualified professionals, every job is completed with accuracy and integrity. From analysis and planning to construction and marketing, you can trust JMG Realty to navigate your project through the redevelopment process because of our integrity and award-winning dedication to detail and quality.