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Hurricane Preparedness Tips from JMG

ATTENTION: Hurricane Delta

Attention JMG Residents in Louisiana & East Texas:

As we are all aware, Hurricane Delta is approaching the western portion of the Gulf Coast. While currently weakening over Southern Mexico, the storm is expected to increase in intensity and regain major hurricane status shortly. It is still unknown how our area will be impacted by the storm. What is important is that preparations start as soon as possible for the safety of all of our residents and families.

Please bring inside all loose items from the balconies and patios and this includes all patio furniture, BBQ’s, umbrellas, tables, chairs and any item outside on the patio.

Please make sure you have a copy of your renters insurance policy handy, important documents and all medications readily available. Anyone with special needs should be making their plans now. Replenish all stock in food and water at home and continue to monitor the local news for updates.

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